About Us

Prestige Auto Spa was founded in 2016 by CEO/ Owner Bruce Geesey lll. I have always had a thing for cars ever since I could remember. It all started from those little cars in a box that we like to call Hot Wheels. I had bins upon bins of those things and would always get them out and line them all up. As I got older I was introduced to the scale cars and the passion never stopped, this was the beginning of my career and I didn't even know it yet. Once I became a little to old to play with cars I became intrigued in always making things look nice or cleaning something up. I would always want to wash my parents cars or anyone's car at that. As I was going through school I always questioned what I wanted to do for a career. I finally came to a conclusion that I wanted to be and auto body technician. After 4 years of that I left the auto body industry and went from job to job and finally said to myself I need to make a career in what I love and I haven't looked back since.

Why Prestige stands out from everyone else

Here at Prestige Auto Spa we are dedicated to giving you the best finished product possible. We like to take our time and go that extra mile to make sure your vehicle is taken care of and handled properly, because at the end of the day that vehicle is your 2nd largest investment in life most times. We want to ensure you that you will be getting the best service and quality because we use the best products on the market today!